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11 December 2002 @ 10:22 pm
Must I be a whore to hype?

peas and carrots with corn nibblets go to le coterie

let's face it. There are only two members.

and mary

that's not saying much ^%^ *giggles behind her back* jk

but, STILL.

please go...send someone, your dog...that weird guy who stares at the back of your calves in your English class...your mailman...

that lady who makes fudge with raisins who you hate at the Christmas parties...

your father's work friend who tried to cop a feel when you were nine...

the weird girl who follows you around and wants to be more than friends...


*there was whore to hype*

after this I think I might just bloody well give up and let it be my own private coterie.

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11 December 2002 @ 06:28 pm
Grr. Busy dae. Dun wanna get into what I felt about it all though, so I'll just kinda list it all.

--first, no teacher in PC, we had a SHIT load of work to hand in, which no one put the class genius could even vaguely understand. So, I do my best bullshit job on forty questions that took me the whole damn time. I go up to the sub--"keep it."

WTF?! I just spent good sleep time on doing something that makes me feel like a stupid little 10 year old and you say keep it?!! GRRR.

that pissed me off.
--third period, I still cannot find my montage collage film. So...I think I'll call Elena and see if she has it.

--hold on--ugh. WHY must her mother talk for HOURS to someone?!! *seems like hours* what friggin blabbermouth.

--fifth period pissed me off the MOST. Apparently since her classes bitched at her about not having power and therefore unable to work. Come on, do you need electricity to cut construction paper? NOt like you're watching TV or anything. Gimme a break.

SO, I did not finish my notecards, which are due todae, but finished that thing that got extended a whole friggin week.


The rest of the dae was fine.

Went to CPCC to get admitted in, then register. Ran into some problems, Mary--you cannot just register online, you have to do a bunch of other stuff. Start by going down there and filling out the admissions form. They only start accepting ppl on the 2nd of January for the next semester anyway, and I think you have to go down there in person.

So, not as easy. I figured it wouldn't be as simple as registering online. You can register just prolly not enroll. Not sure.

After that, found Christmas tree! We always go to the reject pile for twenty bucks. Found a good one.

Then we went to Oriental market and I got like fifteen dollars worth of Japanese kyande!! *munches happily on gummy*
they don't call it gum, everywhere I looked it was gummy.

The place kinda weirded me out in some parts, though. Just the smell. Groooosss. That boiled cat smell laced with cabbage.

Now, am home, must:
finish notecards. Got 15 to go with quickly dying fervor for finishing...that'll be about three hours of hell.
must call Elena.
must do art things.
aaand...thas about it. Wee.
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10 December 2002 @ 10:06 pm
It. has. taken. me. an.


to. do. nine. notecards.

I have more than thirty to go. And tomorrow will be here in less than two hours. At this rate--> a ha! Look at that. How I won't be able to finish.

How peachy.

How fucking swell.

Lemme get out me little calculator. Herm, that's about seven minutes per card.

But, really it doesn't take me that long! Maybe there is some kinda time loop playing around with me.

Like everytime I finish one, time keeps looping leaving me starring into space, but conciously I am still working.

I think that happened on Star Trek.

Oh, screw it.

They'll prolly not be due tomorrow anyway. I dun trust Joselyn ^%^
there is no fucking date on the syllablus. WTF?!!
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10 December 2002 @ 09:10 pm
What a royally shitty fucking dae.

I am so pissed off.
I can barely think.
Without going a little too damn nutty.

I fucking sick of myself.

Am going to cry over stupid stuff.
Stupid little nine dollars a year stuff.

I can't fucking handle anything.
Am ... gotta do notecards.
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10 December 2002 @ 06:07 pm
I wanna cry.


stupid bitch. wants to go to some stupid writer's reunion.
Can't handle this stupid shit.

I have to go.

get the fuck outta here.

go so far away, far from th

grr, nevermind
10 December 2002 @ 05:03 pm
That was the most profound deja vu I've had in months.


Just had to share ^%^

am typing second to LAST section for history project. *sigh* what a pain in the ass.

GO SEE it, make me happee, make me feel like I've done something. And then give me chocolates.


O-tae, only a little bitty bit more, then must due prison reform, find some more pictures for abol. and prison, and type up mental frame...

not TOO much!! Am sooo glad I didn't *ahem* wait til the last minute...


I thought it was due Thursdae. Total fuck.
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09 December 2002 @ 04:09 pm
Erm, about the art collage, does she mean "collage" like the stuf we have to do in Photo? With overlapping pics and stuf? Coz...I think last time she said "collage" and we had to have that collective of pics. Erm. Makes me unsettles, but if you don't know...then I'll just go ahead and make a collage.

Must do analysis.

Oh, but there is still daylight to be had. No no no. Cannot conceive of working after so long of doing nothing.
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09 December 2002 @ 01:11 pm
new project--


am never gonna do homework, after this--gonna play Sims.
bad Lara.
bad bad Lara.
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09 December 2002 @ 10:30 am
Ok, lemme write down this dream before I forget all of it.

--some kinda classroom, like a log cabin or something, we're making clay or something. Mary to my left, three other ppl around the small table and Alex in front of me. I have a small clay ball worked already. *reminded me of those "cockies" at the visual kei academy*

something led to alex andsome guy *vaguely could have been Kely*
and they were tossing my cockie back and forth, like making fun of it, or me, or something. BUt alex was like blabbering coz they were throwing it at each other, they were both excited and happy to be throwing MY cockie around, I wanted them to stop, because I didn't want it to be hurt and get malformed.

but then alex likes starts saying stuf like, i love her and junk and i was like, "aw"

twas veree sweet and poignant that he would just so casually say that while laughing about my cockie.

then, i think it was after lunch or something and me and mary were gonna walk up the hill with him. but he was standing with his group of friends, liek Vinh across from him. but they weren't in some tight niche, anyone could have walked up there. but i stopped anyway, so did mary.

--and then a part were the upper trailers were flooding

--and were some agent had to be careful to not get some other agent killed in a subway station. the other one got killed several times.

but the part where the upper trailers were flooding was fun.
but wet.

and then! oh, like Jasmine and me and Heather were in some dance group.
and it was this actual class at school, but only for seniors or sumthun. Bree, some dropout was there too.
you had to have style to be in it.
we talked about how avril lavigne was a whore.
heh, i dun not like avril, but there are avril haters out there. I just didn't think my subconcious was one of them.

and...well thas all i can really remember.

todae is me Daddy's birthdae.
and Mike birthdae if i can recall.
i think he can offically smoke
go him.
08 December 2002 @ 11:27 pm

I dun think my previous post showed. So, here is the gist.

I'm proud seeing as it's so simple. ^%^